Another way to discover music you like

Musimap allow you to travel in an uncaany fashion in the virtual world of music.

A complete musical network

No musician can create music without having heard before; all musicians are in a network of relationships and influences and the music is a great evolutionary morphing.

All of these relationships have allowed us to visualize the history of music on a map that we transformed into an interactive system called Musimap. Initially our project was totally selfless, it was only intended to allow people to get into the history of music and its influences. Today we have created a great virtual library neat and tidy which we find all the music of the world.

Our database qualifies each track by 55 sensitives parameters and we try to recreate a real relationship between human emotions and qualifiers to meet human and precise queries.

Reasons to use Musimap

For the labels

A perfect tool to present your products with full details and tell the right audience.

For the artists

A perfect tool to describe by your own the music you perform and share with fans.

For the supervisors

A perfect tool to quickly find the perfect tune you have in mind.

For everyone

See, hear and understand who and where you are in the musical world.

Our team is composed by Pierre Lebecque (Degree in Musicology and Sociology, Production Director, 25 years of experience as sound designer,...), Frédéric Notet (Degree in musical direction, IT Consultant specialized in databases, 15 years of experience in web-application development,...), Olivier Lebeau (Founder of Volvox Music, Marketing Director at EMI, 25 years of experience in the music industry,...) , Vincent Favrat (Managing Director of Just Temptation, Secretary General at Suisse Music Union, MBA in culture Management...) and Thierry Baujard (CEO of peacefulfish, Chairman of Media Deals, BD for Vivendi and ARTE, Head of Strategic Dev. at Babelsberg Studio).